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Practically, you will simply look to collect gear with the highest item levels possible, and the stat distribution on the gear will not matter.Below, we will explain what the recommended order for artifact traits is, if you wish to maximise your Pv P potential.It is quite possible that your artifact path (at the time of reading this guide) differs from our suggestions.If this is the case, do not worry, and use the information below to help you understand your traits and guide your future choices.The implication is that it does not matter where your gear comes from, and all that matters is its item level.Gear from quests or Pv E content is just as good as gear you get as a reward from Pv P (which, in fact, will be very similar to Pv E gear; there are no more Pv P stats on gear).I can turn your orc warrior into a crying little girl on any of my non-warrior classes.Commanding shout is a welfare version of last stand. Disarm doesn't work against casters, anything that has dots, rogues, ret paladins, hunters.

The guide will cover everything from talent choices, artifacts, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses.

From the Blizzcon developer interviews."There most likely will not be complete class revamps again any time soon."but also "Everyone should feel like they have some sort of cooldown to help them survive."...

You can't first remove all of our defensives and self healing, making us completely healer-reliant and then say that there won't be any complete class revamps again anytime soon....

and then say that you DO want people to feel like they have some sort of cooldown to help them survive.. and giving us proper defensives would require a semi-large class overhaul.. Since MOP they have been trowing arms to the ground when it comes to survivability, for 2 expansions we have been the worst solo class for duels, solo pvp because everyone can do what we do but better, being just good in 3s, as if its the only part of pvp that pleases all, wich is not.

Before you mention Enraged Regeneration, remember that you actually need to hit something to heal back up which in pvp vs most dps classes these days is pretty much impossible. Dont expect kindness in TBFA, because since Legion alpah no blue has ever adressed the warriors forums, or any fórum for that matters.

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