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A new version of is currently being made and the character of Princess Jasmine has already been cast as the half-Indian and half-white Naomi Scott.

No doubt she is deserving of the role on many counts - being lighter skinned is not something she should be shamed for.

The sad truth is: non-white girls, growing up in predominantly white countries, struggle.

This ‘white beauty standard’ is so entrenched, that it's hard for anyone who doesn’t fit the mould to feel attractive. Its wax makers had made the 35-year-old singer lighter-skinned.

Beyoncé is returning to the stage for a good cause!

There was uproar among those who had the schoolgirl pinned as white.

But the book describes her only as having 'wild hair' and 'buck teeth' - it's only that western beauty standard that made us imagine such a prominent character in literature should have light - for which read desirable - skin.

Many were shocked that she would cave to pressure to appear whiter, and send out such a negative message to her followers.

She was criticised for wanting to look like 'Barbie'. In the past she has said that, when it came to her love life, “being a regular black girl wasn't good enough" and “All my life men have told me I wasn't pretty enough - even the men I was dating." Just because Lil’ Kim is famous doesn’t mean she is immune to the fact that society still sees fairer skin as prettier than dark. There is so much more that women can, should and do aspire to than their appearance.

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The momma-of-three and her husband JAY-Z are set to headline a benefit concert for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

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