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SRA Executive Director of External Affairs, Jane Malcolm will be speaking.

Jane Malcolm provides an update on how regulation is developing to remain fit for purpose, in what is a time of change in the legal sector and further afield.

We will also update on work to implement new requirements on price transparency and consumer feedback flowing from the 2016 report by the Competition and Markets Authority.

Welcome to Legal Cyber Security Expo the UK's first exhibition and conference for the world of cyber security.

We will also reflect on the impact of changes to the Professional Indemnity Insurance arrangements.

So, ex post facto laws are those that make something you did illegal, that was legal at the time you did it.

Most modern democratic societies either ban such laws, or look very unfavorably on them because it is fundamentally unfair to punish you for something that was legal at the time you did it.

Statutes that do not “punish” are not subject to the Constitution’s prohibition on ex post facto laws.

For example, since commitment of persons acquitted of a crime by reason of insanity is imposed, not as punishment, but for the protection of society and of the individual confined, a law so providing is not ex post facto as applied to a case in which the act charged as a crime was committed before the commitment statute was passed.

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