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To approach Kemetism today, ten Hermetic principles are isolated. Instead of Hermeticism, a return to Hermetism is invisaged."Do You not know, Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of heaven, or, to speak more exactly, in Egypt all the operations of the powers which rule and work in heaven have been transferred to Earth below ? This exercise is possible because the Hermetica are rooted in the native Egyptian religion, albeit Hellenized. Each is associated with a fundamental teaching found in Egyptian texts.This Late Hellenistic Hermetism would survive and eventually fire the European Renaissance and humanism.But the "ad fontes" principle of the latter only returned to Late Hellenism.More than a century ago, Breasted wrote regarding the Memphite theology : "The above conception of the world forms quite a sufficient basis for suggesting that the later notions of nous and logos, hitherto supposed to have been introduced into Egypt from abroad at a much later date, were present at this early period.

The authors were Egyptians still able to read the "words of the gods".

But, the Hellenization entailed by using the Greek language and participating in the syncretic Alexandrian intellectual climate (the Mouseion and Serapeion), should not be underestimated, and makes Stricker's proposals too unlikely.

These native Egyptians must have been proud of their Hermopolitan & Memphite ), but eventually accepted to incorporate uncompromisingly un-Egyptian elements in their Hermetism (like the popular Greek denial of the physical body, evasive mysteries and an elusive, vague description of the afterlife).

Because of the important influence of the native intellectual milieu on the genesis of this Alexandro-Egyptian cultural form, had to refer to the Persian period ...

This feature proves to be essential in a possible thematical reconstruction.

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It could define its own path precisely because of its roots in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Tradition, to which most of its members adhered.

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