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With my family being spread all over Germany, it is difficult to guess what the others might need, or want.

We tried quite some different things in our family (which only consist of adults!

I certainly understand that this might not be an option for families with children or family members that are very attached to the tradition of giving presents.

Sustainable Christmas tree Also for the Christmas tree, I came up with all kinds of ideas, driving my family nuts (honestly! Buying a tree just to watch it die over the days made me feel bad, especially since the trees are often grown in monocultures where a lot of pesticides and fertilizer are used (at least if you buy them in these stands next to the supermarkets here in Germany).

During the last few years, I tried all kinds of different ways to make Christmas less about consumption, more about family and more eco-friendly.

Some things turned out to be easy, some things are difficult and some things simply do not work.

Otherwise, we just try to buy regional and/or organic products as far as possible and avoid too many leftovers.We discussed questions about what a landscape approach is, and how it might be implemented — and we touched on many interesting topics and identified challenges for the future. Easter Saturday in Germany’s rural areas has quite some fun and horror to offer, depending on your perspective.The webinar was recorded and is available on youtube; or you can watch it directly here. When I last overcame my initial reluctance and attended one of these occasions, everybody seemed to remember my name from last time I was there.The major and his family, which I knew by chance, pulled me right to the bar and served the obligatory „Cola-Korn“.To all non-German readers: It is Coke mixed with a clear alcohol made from grain. From that moment on it seemed unimportant to whom or what I was talking about if I was dancing or just admiring the fire. Nobody cared whether I was a scientist or a farmer.

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Wir fördern den Aufbau demokratischer, marktwirtschaftlicher und rechtsstaatlicher Strukturen, damit immer mehr Menschen in liberalen, demokratischen Gesellschaften leben können.

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