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Advice: The Bible has nothing specifically to say about single Christian women dating.

’ So it was definitely good to get him out of the picture, but it’s funny because all the guys [Kelsey has dated] kind of look like him. Do you think Kelsey will date new men in Season 4, or will she be focused on working things out with Colin? I don’t know how long they’re going to take things with Colin. I don’t know how successful his book is actually going to be so there might be a little bit of him getting a little dose of his own medicine because he’s been acting smug. It’s definitely our most juicy episode where everybody ends up in a place where we’re all basically fighting. We’re chomping at the bit to get more information all the time. I’m working on a few little projects right now that I can’t talk about, but they’re more fashion and lifestyle type of stuff.He got successful fast and it was all due to her and then he kind of shunned her, so I think he might get a little dose of his own medicine, and then it might bring them back together. It’s kind of sad how the episode ends, but it sets up Season 4 and there are a lot of big cliffhangers. Do you know if there are plans for Liza to tell more people her secret in Season 4? But I’m really just enjoying my time off and enjoying time with my son and getting ready for the holidays.Or maybe the book becomes a huge success like one of those dumb flash-in-the-pan things that makes a lot of money. When I wrapped this season, I’ve been remodeling my house and I’ve been really hands-on with that.Colin didn’t exactly break up with Kelsey, but he basically tells her he doesn’t want a super serious relationship. I think he’s going to stick around for a little bit. And I’m in full-blown mom mode — I feel like I miss out so much when I’m shooting, so it’s been so nice.

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I think it’s going to be really hard for her to accept. The biggest betrayal for Kelsey is going to be that she made the book deal behind Kelsey’s back to conceal the secret, which puts all that Kelsey’s worked for at risk.

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