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It can be measured from the elbow to the base of the hand, from the elbow to a distance located between the outstretched thumb and little finger, or from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.These alternate descriptions further complicate the matter of determining a specific unit measure of the cubit.Hereafter, the latter description, elbow to the tip of the middle finger, will signify the common unit.The human figure (typically male) has been the basis for many dimensions.The foot is immediately recognized as an example [1].Less commonly heard is onyx (nail), but onyx remains a medical term.Selected biblical references [4] for the cubit include these five rather well-known selections.

Additional variants can also be found in numerous secular documents, but these are less known and less accessible than scripture.The English ell is a larger variant of the cubit consisting of 15 palms, 114 cm, or 45 inches.It is about equal to the cloth measure ell of early Scotland.The first is the anthropological or short cubit, and the second is the architectual or long cubit.The wide geographical area and long chronological period suggest that cubit dimensions varied over time and geographic area. More recent dimensions are provided from a study by Francis Galton based upon his investigations into anthropometry.

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