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SEE ALSO: You Tuber 'Korea Grandma' receives the greatest Christmas gift ever by attending hunky 'Mister Show'As you can see in the CCTV footage below, the Husky approaches the Mini Poodle, bites its neck, and violently shakes it side to side. The owner of the dog cafe claims the lives of the employees were threatened by the Poodle owner and they had to call the police.

The owner explained, "The owner of the Husky apologized but the Poodle owner continuous claimed the Husky needs to be put down.

After you go somewhere, the app will ask you to confirm that you did, in fact, visit that location (the geolocation was off a few times, but you can easily correct it).

Then, you'll see other users who also visited that spot.

The App: First The Pitch: "The First Real Dating App"What We Think: Anyone who has spent time on a dating app knows that many messages go unanswered and, even for those that are answered, an in-person meet-up doesn't always happen. You post a date you're interested in going on and other users express interest.

You can also specify ahead of time who will pay or whether you will split the date.

The App: Bumble The Pitch: "We're changing the rules of the game."What we think: Bumble is the Sadie Hawkins dance of the dating-app world; if a match happens, the only way to chat is if the girl makes the first move. If the female doesn't say anything within 24 hours of connecting with someone, that person disappears and the connection is lost.

It's an easy conversation starter (hey, which pastries do you usually get at Ceci Cela?

), but few people on the app actually started or responded to conversations, which was frustrating.

You download the app, create a profile, add some of your favorite pictures, and write a short bio.

If you make a match, you can commence Instagram- or Facebook-stalking to learn more — at least that’s what we do.

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It's a fun idea and one that works relatively well, give or take some facial hair.

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