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When my dad asked me if my mom had a boyfriend, I didn’t know how to deal with it so I said I wasn’t sure.” Lauren’s story reminds us that children should never be used as a messenger between their parents post-divorce.Let them enjoy their childhood and think about how you want them to remember you when they grow up.Let’s face it, communication with your ex is key to successful co-parenting.

Rewards that are selected by the child are usually the most powerful.Be sure rewards don’t become a substitute for words of praise and encouragement; rewards are most meaningful when given along with positive words and touch from parents. Over the last few decades, research by child development experts has demonstrated numerous benefits to children when their living arrangements enable support from both parents.In more extreme situations, they foster the child’s rejection of the other parent.In the most extreme cases, children are manipulated by one parent to hate the other, despite children’s innate desire to love and be loved by both parents.” According to author Virginia Gilbert, MFT, co-parenting is an option only when both ex-spouses support the other parent and respect their right to have a good relationship with the children.

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