Adult phone role play dating one person at a time

The materials are intended for false beginners to lower intermediate students.

This is also a good practical application of reported speech: He said that.

The receivers relay the messages that they took down.

You can use a cell phone if you have one, or you can just use your hand and say, "Bring! Callers sit down behind the receivers, tap them on the shoulders and the conversation begins. Receivers tell them that the friend is out and gives them the details in the 'Will Be Back' note. After the callers have called all of their friends, they go back home and ask if there were any messages.

After your introduction, give a few students some pieces of paper with instructions to 'call' the teacher. When a caller wants to make a call, they tap the receiver on the shoulder and say,"Bring! " Receivers put the name tag on the back of their chair so that the callers know who they are calling. When they are finished, the callers get up to call another friend on the list.

You are going to travel to this city for a business meeting over the next weekend.

Telephone a travel agency and reserve the following: Selling Your Product Student A: You are a salesperson for Red Inc.

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You’d like to recruit Student B, a senior accountant, for a position at another company.

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