Adult chat rooms for new zealanders

It can feel really upsetting to get something by email which you didn't want and lots of times it can be through no fault of your own.Similarly it can be really creepy if you trusted someone you were chatting with, and then weren't sure.There are times when you have to give your personal information online - for example in registering for new products or to friends who you can trust.The important thing is to remember that this information can then be passed on to other people or organisations.Everyone makes mistakes and so it is always best to talk to a friend, Guide leader or parent if someone, or something you see or receive on line makes you feel uncomfortable.

So it’s really important to understand the safety issues of being online and how to be sure we act in a way that will keep ourselves, and our computers, safe. You need to remember these when using the Internet.We surf the net for information to help with school projects or about our hobbies.We might buy things from companies (like book air tickets for a family holiday) or maybe even chat to people we’ve never actually met. Sometimes we’re with others, like at school, and other times we’re on our own.Often we email family or good friends, or talk to other members of Guides.

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